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Mezcal lovers with a background in photojournalism and mixology. We used to call London and Oakland our home, but since 2013 we have had a base in Oaxaca, Mexico. Mezcal has been at the heart of our experience, using this as a starting point to hike out and explore the state. We have worked with many distilleries, helping to develop brand identity, while acting as ambassadors for the spirit. We share our knowledge and passion through unique, guided experiences. Proud to collaborate with experienced hikers and local businesses to enhance what we offer. 

Please get in touch so we can personalise your trip with us. 

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While working in the UK as a photojournalist, Anna received a scholarship from the Mexican Foreign Ministry to visit Oaxaca and document mezcal production. This led to extensive work with the mezcal industry, including publications and exhibitions on the subject, (ie The Mezcal Experience). She is now based full time in Mexico, working as an ambassador for mezcal brands, while continuing her work as a photographer. Anna has received photography awards from institutions including the Princes Trust, British Council, Aeromexico. Anna currently freelances for multiple of magazines (writing and photography), does accompanying photos for writers, brand photography for a number of brands (mezcal and more), lifestyle photography (engagements, family portraits, etc), as well capturing Oaxaca's awe-inspiring landscapes and culture.



Brooks designs craft cocktails for events and brands. 

Brooks fell in love with mezcal while  opening the agave centric venue, Comal (Berkeley, CA), in 2010. After visiting Oaxaca on an industry tour in 2016, he decided to move here to learn about mezcal, Oaxaca, and its flavours. His spirits experience includes bartending (and opening) high-volume, craft cocktail bars/lounges in the Bay Area, designing personalised cocktails for and bartending weddings (of 150+), managing Barrio restaurant in Bend, OR.

In 2015, Brooks hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,653 mile hike from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada. Which is where he discovered a passion for hiking.

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