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Mezcal is a distillate made from the agave plant growing in Oaxaca. It is just one of the incredible crafts that Oaxaca is known for. Textiles, carving, painting and pottery are also rich in this state. Each mezcal route connects to different craft focused villages.

Whether you are new to mezcal or a seasoned connoisseur, Rambling Spirits can design a unique experience that will give you a fresh taste for this amazing spirit. 

The region is stunning, with sprawling agave fields and ancient sites. We always offer the option of exploring this beautiful landscape 

Route suggestions with examples in scrolling images: 

- Central Valleys including Tlacolula, Matatlan and San Dionisio for artisinal copper pot mezcal (45+ minutes drive each way)

- Santa Catarina Minas small batch ancestral style mezcal in clay pot (1 hour drive each way)

- Sola de Vega small batch ancestral style mezcal in clay pot (2.5 hour drive each way)

- Mixteca for tiny batch ancestral style mezcal in clay pot (2.5 hour drive each way)

- Etla for Oaxacan rum made with fresh pressed locally grown sugar cane (30 minutes + drive each way)

We work with local communities and family run businesses, so please reach out with time for us to make plans with them

Prices on enquiry

Perros y Palenques
Perros y Palenques


Anna and Brooks

Brooks and Anna are the founders of Rambling Spirits. They are a couple, lucky enough to work with their passions in Oaxaca since 2013. Brooks was working as a bartender, designing cocktails in San Francisco before visiting  Mexico on an industry trip, while Anna was a freelance photojournalist who came to Oaxaca to document mezcal for the (London) Mexican Embassy. Rambling Spirits grew organically out of a united love for Oaxaca and mezcal.

Rambling Spirits also have a mezcal tasting room and rooftop bar where we run cocktail consultations. 

During the quarantine of Covid19 Rambling Spirits developed a relationship with vets and clinics that grew out of a need to help the growing population of street dogs in Oaxaca. They also published a book with the help of 50 + creative friends  -  "Perros y Palenques"   

100% of the cost of every book bought goes towards helping street dogs in Oaxaca. This book is available to buy in Oaxaca (contact ramble.spirits@gmail.com for details)

Please consider that Rambling Spirits work with local communities and families, and reach out with time for us to make plans with them.