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Oaxaca has a stunningly diverse geography, the 'terroir' of mezcal, a spirit made from the wild and domesticated agave plants that grow throughout the state. We create tailored experiences, exploring this incredible region and what it has to offer.



Learn how mezcal is made on site

Mezcal is a distillate made from the agave plant growing in Oaxaca. Whether you are new to mezcal or a seasoned connoisseur, Rambling Spirits can design a unique experience that will give you a fresh taste for this amazing Spirit.

Extending the day we can organise a walk around the distillery or do a mixology session with the day's mezcal. 

For brands, we give industry trips for individuals and larger groups.

Distillery experiences:

- Sustainability focused distillery in Matatlan (half day)

- Ancestral distillery using clay pot in Santa Catarina Minas (half day)

- Two family run distilleries in Miahuatlan (full day)

- customised trip based on consultation


Explore the region

We are developing guided hikes beyond the city. We will design a walk around your requirements. Oaxaca is an incredible state with wonderful places to ramble or take a more invested hike. We can choose a focus such as archeological sites, stunning scenery, or if you are interested in mezcal, the different agave and terroir that lend themselves to making this unique spirit

Examples of our hikes include:

- Yagul archaeological site and caves with option to visit the jaguar sanctuary and do a mezcal tasting with Batagave (half day)

- Hills around San Agustin, Etla with option to visit Centro de las Artes San Agustin and mezcal tasting with Noble Coyote at their agave nursery (half day)

- The petrified waterfall of Hierve al Agua (half day) 

-customised hike or camping experience based on consultation


Making a mezcal cocktail

Mezcal can revolutionise anybody's cocktail repertoire. From learning the new flavours  that Oaxaca has to offer, to being able to taste the versatility of the different species and terroirs can be distilled, you can gain a new appreciation for how this wide-ranging spirit can be mixed and how best it can be swapped into classic cocktails. We offer a cocktail-master class for you and your friends. If you join us on a distillery trip, together we can create a spirit forward drink using the mezcal you tried in the distillery that day. We can also design a personalised cocktail for a party for you and your friends.


Documenting mezcal and Oaxaca

All our experiences come with the option of being professionally documented by our in-house photographer.

If you are looking for a day-in-the-life photoshoot of your Oaxaca experience, or if you are a brand in need of product photography, we have you covered.

See our gallery or examples of our work. 

Get in touch at ramble.spirits@gmail.com for affordable rates.


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Brands and Distilleries

Artisanal distilleries facilitating forward thinking, sustainably conscious brands




Co-working space, Cocktail Bar, Restaurant, Live music venue, Gallery, Workshops.




Based out of Oaxaca's Jaguar Sanctuary. Bat and agave research. Mezcal certification

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Local Hubs

Places to be and people to know when you are based in the beautiful city of Oaxaca City



Mezcal lovers with a background in photojournalism and mixology. We used to call London and Oakland our home, but since 2013 we have had a base in Oaxaca, Mexico. Mezcal has been at the heart of our experience, using this as a starting point to hike out and explore the state. We have worked with many distilleries, helping to develop brand identity, while acting as ambassadors for the spirit. We share our knowledge and passion through unique, guided experiences. Proud to collaborate with experienced hikers and local businesses to enhance what we offer. 

Please get in touch so we can personalise your trip with us. 



We are happy to share some kind words from a few of the awesome guests and clients we have worked with so far.


Tom Bullock - Author of The Mezcal Experience

For passion and then as part of my work, I’ve been visiting the palenques for years. Whereas before we used to organize these trips ourselves, recently there have been tours popping up to provide the service. I was lucky enough to go on one with Anna and Brooks. They managed to strike just the right balance between informative guides and the sense of excitement and adventure that you want from visits to deep and real mezcal country. Recommended.


Get to Know Us


While working in the UK as a photojournalist, Anna received a scholarship from the Mexican Foreign Ministry to visit Oaxaca and document mezcal production. This led to extensive work with the mezcal industry, including publications and exhibitions on the subject, (ie The Mezcal Experience). She is now based full time in Mexico, working as an ambassador for mezcal brands, while continuing her work as a photographer. Anna has received photography awards from institutions including the Princes Trust, British Council, Aeromexico. Anna currently freelances for multiple of magazines (writing and photography), does accompanying photos for writers, brand photography for a number of brands (mezcal and more), lifestyle photography (engagements, family portraits, etc), as well capturing Oaxaca's awe-inspiring landscapes and culture.


Being introduced to mezcal in 2010 and being a part of the opening bar staff of Comal (Berkeley, CA), a Oaxacan-inspired restaurant and agave bar, Brooks became infatuated with mezcal and all things Oaxaca. After first visiting Oaxaca on an industry tour in 2016 and then a later more personal trip in late 2017, he decided to move down to Oaxaca to learn everything about mezcal, Oaxaca, and its flavors. His mixology experience includes bartending (and helping open) several high-volume, craft cocktail bars/lounges in the Bay Area, designing personalized cocktails for and bartending weddings (of 150+), managing Barrio restaurant in Bend, OR. Also, in 2015, Brooks hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,653 mile hike from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada. Which is where the rambling and the passion for hiking and discovering the beauty of rustic Oaxaca.



Some of the distilleries we visit



Crafting mezcal since the late 1700s. Eleven generations of distillers with commitment to craftsmanship and experimentation. Don Amado and Mina Real.


Four types of agave: espadín, tobalá, jabalí and naturally, coyote. Hand-crafted, single-origin mezcals in San Luis Amatlan.


An artisanal ensemble cleverly made of 30% Madrecuishe and 70% Espadín distilled in the Miahuatlan region of southern Oaxaca.


Quiquiriqui Mezcal was founded in 2011. All expressions are single palenque, handcrafted spirits. Santiago, Matatlan.


A brand based in Matatlan who's distillery is a wonderful example of elevating production methods to be sustainable and responsible for the local environment and economy. 



Xicala is a classic espadín, produced at Destileria Tlacolula, which has been producing mezcal since 1920. (NOM-O01X)


Places to be, people to see


One of our favorite places to meet before heading out on excursions for a delicious breakfast. This is a family run boutique-style hotel in the heart of the city, with a gorgeous courtyard, only two blocks from the zocalo. The menu is a tasty Oaxaca, Lebanese fusion, we would definitely suggest their house special for breakfast.


Where Brooks designs and makes cocktails. They have exhibitions and run a creative co-working space in the week, with live music and a full bar on the weekends. We also host cocktail training & mezcal tastings.


Oaxacan cuisine based in traditional and cultural heritage with the idea of slow food. Dinners under reservation and cooking classes. They also manage the kitchen for Convivio and have their own mezcal brand. Collaborating with Brooks on drink and food pairings.