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Oaxaca has a stunningly diverse geography, the 'terroir' of mezcal, a spirit made from the wild and domesticated agave plants that grow throughout the state. We create tailored experiences, exploring this incredible region and what it has to offer.
Please get in touch and help us plan your unique experience.
We also do a prearranged weekly hike and distillery visit.



Learn how mezcal is made on site

Mezcal is a distillate made from the agave plant growing in Oaxaca. Whether you are new to mezcal or a seasoned connoisseur, Rambling Spirits can design a unique experience that will give you a fresh taste for this amazing Spirit.

Extending the day we can organise a walk around the distillery or do a mixology session with the day's mezcal. 

For brands, we give industry trips for individuals and larger groups.

Distillery experiences:

- Sustainability focused distillery in Matatlan 

- Ancestral distillery using clay pot in Santa Catarina Minas 

- Distilleries in Miahuatlan 

- Ancestral  distillery in Mixteca (may require an overnight stay)

- customised trip based on consultation


Explore the region

We are developing guided experiences beyond the city. Oaxaca is an incredible state with wonderful places to ramble or take a more invested hike. We can choose a focus such as archeological sites, stunning scenery, or a trip to see the different agave and terroir that lend themselves to making mezcal. 

A few options:

- morning hike from Oaxaca City up to Victoria Guadalupe via the aquaduct and Xochimilco 

- Yagul and Mitla caves with option to visit the Jaguar Sanctuary 

- Hills around San Agustin, Etla with option to visit CaSa 

- Sierra Norte

We also have connection with artisans in pueblos like Teotitlan del Valle where you can learn about natural dying practices and the history of cochineal.


Making a mezcal cocktail

Mezcal can revolutionise anybody's cocktail repertoire. From learning the new flavours  that Oaxaca has to offer, to being able to taste the versatility of the different species and terroirs can be distilled, you can gain a new appreciation for how this wide-ranging spirit can be mixed and how best it can be swapped into classic cocktails. We offer a cocktail-master class for you and your friends. If you join us on a distillery trip, together we can create a spirit forward drink using the mezcal you tried in the distillery that day. We can also design a personalised cocktail for a party for you and your friends.


Documenting mezcal and Oaxaca

All our experiences come with the option of being professionally documented by our in-house photographer (included in the day price)

If you are looking for a day-in-the-life photoshoot of your Oaxaca experience, or if you are a brand in need of product photography, we have you covered.

See our gallery for examples of our work.