Mezcal is a distillate made from the agave plant growing in Oaxaca. It is just one of the incredible crafts that Oaxaca is known for. Whether you are new to mezcal or a seasoned connoisseur, Rambling Spirits can design a unique experience that will give you a fresh taste for this amazing spirit. The region is stunning, with sprawling agave fields and ancient sites. We always offer the option to explore this beautiful landscape. 

Video: See our introduction to Rambling Spirits and Mezcal  

All trips with Rambling Spirits include food, drinks and transport. We offer full days and half days and we can organise overnight stays. A full day is around 8 hours.

Route suggestions:

Central Valleys for artisanal mezcal. This trip can include learning about natural dyes and zapotec weaving, as well as visiting a pulqueria and agave fields. We often wind up the day with a short hike somewhere beautiful like the archaeological site of Yagul (45+ minutes drive)

Santa Catarina Minas for small batch ancestral style mezcal in clay pot. This trip can include a visit to learn about the fantastical cravings of alebrijes and a swim in a lake. (1 hour drive)

Etla to try Oaxacan rum and visit the craft glass and paper making processes. Can include a hike around the art centre in San Agustin (45 minute drive)

Miahuatlan for small batch artisinal mezcal including possible overnight (2.5 hours drive)

Mixteca for tiny batch ancestral style mezcal in clay pot including possible overnight (2.5 hour drive)

Sola de Vega for ancestral mezcal (2.5 hours drive)

We work with local communities and family run businesses, so please reach out with time for us to make plans with them

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